nube R for iPad and iPhone

All your files available at your iPad and iPhone

(Only for business users) Admin can manage mobile apps features from web console

Only for Business accounts, the admin profile can remotely control the features of the nube R mobile apps for individual users as follows:

  • Do not allow the user to caching files at the mobile devices for offline access.
  • Grant read-only permission to the user (he can't delete, rename or upload files).
  • Deny cloud print permissions from mobile apps.

Other features are being added and will be published in the incoming releases.

(Only for business users) Select the nube R apps that a user can install

Also for Business accounts, the admin profile can decide which nube R apps can be installed by an individual user, ranging from desktop apps (PC or Mac) or even the mobile set of apps.

Remote wipe

A mobile device can easily get lost or even get stolen, or an employee can leave the organization and keep the device because it is of his property – because a Bring Your Own device Policy. In all those cases, from the web the user can remotely execute a wipe of all the metadata and files stored at the nube R mobile app. No other info will be wiped from the device, only the files and metadata related to the nube R app. The files will be kept at the servers so the users just need to re-install the app in a new device to recover them.

Cloud Print

nube R is integrated with Google Cloud Print. In the case of corporate customers, nube R can be integrated with their cloud-printing corporate provider to let the users print directly from their iOS device.

Offline access

Some documents must be accessed in any circumstance, even with no Internet connection. nube R lets the user to individually select as "favorites" which documents must be accessible offline.

Search across all your devices (even offline)

nube R iOS app lets the user to search across all the documents even with no Internet connection.

Local encryption of the user credentials

nube R iOS App locally encrypts the user credentials, although for security reasons no password is ever stored at the mobile device.

Import-Export from/to third apps

nube R lets the user export to commercial editors or third apps the stored documents and sync them back to nube R – if the editor allows the export feature. With the import capacity an email attachment can be automatically uploaded to nube R.

Local passcode

The user can set a four digits local passcode to avoid non-authorized people to access their corporate documents.

Uploaded files can be shared via an automatically-generated link.

The user does not need to download a file to the mobile device to be shared with third parties. With just one click a share-link is generated and served directly on the email dialogue to be sent to any user.

Managing files and folders

It is possible to create new folders, rename or delete files or upload photos from the camera roll with multi-selection.